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текст фееричен:

The cybermen are back again
Deleting all your Facebook friends
And then uploading them again as virtual cybermen
And when they poke you, you become a cyberman too
There’s only one man who can stop them
Deleting all the humans
Flying in a box that’s painted blue
It’s Doctor Who, Doctor Who.
Catch the repeats Sunday on BBC too

In all the universe, all the aliens come to Earth.
Of all the places weird in space, they pick Wales
The perfect place
The launch, an invasion, not the United Kingdom
Hiding and disguising as anything that’s not very expensive
Expensive, we are very expensive!
Do not mock the daleks!
Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate, exterminate the humans
Death Ray
All the land that has succumbed to our powers
Everyone will pay congestion charge
What’s that in the fucking sky?

It’s Matt Smith, navigating time ship, he’s on his way to ass-kick the naughty little daleks
Oh no, they locked the door
That’s what the sonic screwdriver’s for
Trying to make him die without a clue
It’s Doctor Who
Every season is the same
The doctor kills the daleks
Well, guess what, they’re back again
And every other season, the Doctor changes face
And another British actor comes along to save the human race
David Tennant, I miss you‼

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